Error "The website could not be accessed." when writing a comment into an Ecom Order




  • Official comment
    James Vidler

    Hey Erik,

    Some good news - I have confirmation that the product team is working on this today and a patch deployment will be released for Ecommerce as soon as tomorrow.

    We'll notify you here once the fix has been released.

  • James Vidler

    Hi Erik,

    Unfortunately we've identified that his is a bug in the Agility Ecommerce Service API. I'm going to push to have this resolved in our November (last Tuesday of the month). 

    Once i've confirmed this is scheduled for a release I will share another update here.

  • Charlie Soutthiphanh

    Hi Everyone, 


    This fix has been released! 

  • Erik

    Hey guys,

    I just tested it and looked all good.

    Thank you the quick fix.

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