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    Tunc Ekiz

    Hi Cameron,

    When an item is returned in exchange for another item, Agility Ecommerce validates the quantity that is being returned.  If the condition item.QuantityRefundable >= item.QuantityBeingReturned is satisfied Agility Ecommerce allows the item to be returned. However, this is not always sufficient for all vendors. In order to address more complex/vendor specific validations, there is a webhook, Refund Order Items Validation Service, that can be used in ecommerce settings. 

    If Refund Order Items Validation Service is defined in ecommerce settings and there is an item that is being refunded/exchanged, Agility Ecommerce will post the items that are involved to custom validation code that can be implemented by your team. The response that Agility Ecommerce expects is as follows:

      CanRefund: false,
      ErrorMessage: "This ticket has been redeemed and cannot be refunded/exchanged"

    If !response.CanRefund, Agility Ecommerce will not proceed with the refund/exchange and display response.ErrorMessage to the agent that is processing the refund/exchange. This applies to orders that are placed from the website, Agility Ecommerce backend and Agility POS.

    I hope this was helpful.

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