Can we sit dynamic pages side by side for details and listings?



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    James Vidler

    Hi Mike,

     Out-of-the-box, Agility does not support having two dynamic pages with the same parent. Agility.Web automatically does the routing for you and it's not meant to compete with two different routing formulas at once. You could ‘hack’ together a solution to get that to work without using the concept of a Dynamic Page node though, but I might advise against that as it can get confusing from an editor and developer standpoint – plus you’d have to handle how users can preview content etc.

    May I suggest another option?

    You could do the following:



    /blog/post/{dynamic-blog-post details-page} where /post/ in this case is just a folder.


    So, you’d have a dynamic page for your filtered listings, and a folder in the same directory. Agility.Web will handle this routing out-of-the-box.

     Let me know what you think.

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