Code is loading a deleted version of a Shared content item.


What happened is that we created a backup of the GlobalConfiguration shared content item, which was then deleted.  (I assume this backup was actually the original one because the current ContentID of the GlobalConfiguration does not match what the code is pulling - id in the CMS is much greater.)

So now, it seems that after deleted that backup, it is still calling the "Backup" GlobalConfiguration shared content.  So when we make any changes in the CMS, it isn't getting reflected.  

Can we re-sync this somehow? 




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    Hi Jeff,

    It looks like you've run into an issue where this item needs to be re-synced to reflect changes. You can try making a change to the content item and publish it again.

    If that still doesn't work, you can then clear and re-sync all content files on the web server. Beware, this could take some time though depending on how much content you have.

    I'd like to better understand the exact steps that were taken though, so we can look at resolving this bug. Could you share your exact steps on how to reproduce the issue?


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  • Is this happening in your local environment only or on the live production website?

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  • This is happening only on the live production website.  No issues on local

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