WYSIWYG Image Optimization using Media CDN

Often users add images much larger than needed to an HTML Content area that then are scaled down.

When the page loads, a 1000px image would be downloaded where a 300px one would do.

If there was a way to include query parameters into inserted images in the HTML Content area automatically, this would allow the correct size of the images to be included  so that on mobile devices they aren't taxed with downloading large sizes of the image. These larger image sizes also cause for longer page load times.

Perhaps a way to do this would be to take the `width="" height="` of the <img> tag and include the values of these as query string params on the cdn url:

<img src="https://az184419.vo.msecnd.net/website/some-image.jpg?w=253&h=200" width="253" height="200" />
But there should be an option to disable this in the WYSIWYG editor.




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    Great point Giovanni! We are looking at a new version of TinyMCE soon and will be re-evaluating our tools. This is a good use case to consider.

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