RecordSearchArg's Search field




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    James Vidler

    Hi Andrew,

    Unfortunately, you will run into string length issues in this case. One way you could work around this would be to have a separate database of long/lats for your locations and then compute what locations are nearest using math. Each location in your db would then have an ID that corresponds to the UGC record.

  • James Vidler

    Hi Andrew

    There very well could be a limit on the search query - we haven't had a use case where the search field had that many characters. If you don't mind me asking, what are you searching for here?


  • Andrew Ding

    Basically, the records correspond to an event/social occasion, with a date, time, location, etc. I'm attempting to implement a page where a visitor could enter a zip code and we would find a list of zip codes within a certain radius using a separate database, and display the UGC/events that matched the zip codes.

    The initial radius was 100 miles, which generated about 750 zip codes in the list. Then the Search field was set to "ZipCode In ('11111', '22222', '33333', ...)" which was why the string was so large.

    I can think of a couple workarounds on my end, but I'm curious what the limit is, so I can find a reasonable upper bound to the radius if I decide to keep the current implementation.

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