Agility Form Builder should be implementation agnostic

The Agility Form Builder has the potential to be very powerful, but its current implementation has much to be desired.

When building the form you have no control over the html, or javascript implementation of the form.

What if someone wanted to create a vue or angular form using the Agility Form Builder?
What if someone wanted to implement a different validation javascript framework on top the elements?
What if you want to customize the HTML markup of the form?

Having the ability to do this would allow the form builder to become much more powerful.

Obviously out of the box you could provide a default front-end implementation of the solution so users can quickly create forms, but provide for more advanced users the ability to completely customize the implementation of the form.



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    Hi Giovanni,

    Thanks for submitting this! I can guarantee this is on our roadmap. :)

    We are excited to announce some big updates around using Agility as more of a headless CMS with a platform-agnostic approach and the form builder will be part of that. 

    Keep an eye out over the next few weeks for details on what we have planned.

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  • In the meantime, you can use the UGC API to build custom forms. It is available on


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  • Awesome to hear! Really excited to see the upcoming updates :) 

    Yes, thank you for the UGC link, we currently build our forms through your .NET UGC api :) 

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  • Any update on when the form builder implementation might be improved? James Vidler

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  • We are evaluating how to best support the form builder in a headless approach. Right now, we are leaning towards providing a JS snippet that will render your HTML form for you. 

    Was there a specific feature you were looking to get an update on?

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  • James Vidler just regarding how the form builder would be implemented on the front-end, I started thinking about it since I might need to create a new contact form.

    A solution where one could implement the front-end of the form builder using their own html, js, etc, would be optimal, where you can have control over how the form works. You could provide a solution for users that do not want to implement their own.

    This would allow someone to extend the features of the form on the front-end (like including recaptcha or their own js validation on the form)

    A solution that can allow users to add dynamically the fields they want, while the developer can decide how HTML, JS etc is implemented on the front-end.

    Otherwise the form builder wouldn't be of much use in the majority of my use cases. I would have to create them manually using the UGC API and lose out on the self management of the form by a user.

    Anyways, looking forward to your new features!

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