Improve User Management: Make it clearer to understand, easier to configure

The User Management features of Agility have much to be desired.

Here are a list of things in order of importance that you should consider

  • Display Number of Users Available:
    There is a limit to the number of users available in your system agreed to when signing a contract for the AgilityCMS, but there is no visual indication of the limit for users. How many users do I have left? 1/15? 4/20? It is a shot in the dark. Displaying a simple number of "1/15" for instance would go a long way in clarifying "How many users do I have left?"

  • User Roles per Channel:
    There is currently no way to limit an individual's account to a specific channel.

  • Adding Users through the Panel:
    It would be great to be able to increase the number of users quickly without having to talk to one of your sales persons, and just pay through your system.

  • Clarify User Roles: 
    The various user roles are confusing, and the description of each role isn't very helpful when it comes to trying to understand "What will this user be able to see or do?"
    Will they be able to add modules? Save them Publish them? It just isn't clear at all.

  • Custom User Roles:
    Being able to create your own custom user roles would be very useful, where you could configure every piece that an individual would see. Splitting out the access levels would help improve clarity into what the user has access to.



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