Getting Started: Exporting Content

In the Agility manager, you have the ability to export content from your website with our improved export function. There are two types of formats that you can export: Regular and Translation.

Regular Format: This format will display all your exported website data content where each content type is represented on different Excel Worksheets, similar to database tables.

Translation: This format will allow you to easily make translation changes to your copy

Let’s try it!

Click on the Export Button


Choose the Page(s) you would like to Export
To Export your whole website, simply check the box next to Website

Select any Shared Content you would like to Export
Unlike pages where you can select the entire website, you will have to manually select all the shared content you wish to Export. Unlike pages, you will have to manually select the lists you would like to export. 

Download the Export in the desired Format


 Example of Regular Format 


Example of Translation Format

Under the 'TranslatedValue' column is where you can enter your copy in a different language, eg. FR. You can then import the formatted excel document into Agility with the newly, translated values. 




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